The era of Modern Baking is upon us and we are delighted to share this unique and easy concept with you. Our products are easy to prepare and literally take only minutes from oven to table, which can make baking an everyday convenience.

We are proud to present our wide range of quality products that combine the taste of traditional baking with the economies and convenience of today’s technology.

We have an extensive range of exceptional products of convenience on offer, all focused on saving you time. Our product range includes frozen dough, rolls and pastries, tarts and bases, slices, pre-baked cakes, sponges and confectionery.

Leave it to us to delight and impress your family and friends!

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Our Products


Plain Ciabatta
Olive & herb ciabatta
French Loaf


Ciabatta roll
Crispy bun
Portuguese roll
Rye roll
Whole wheat bun

Soft Rolls

Cocktail roll
Hamburger bun
Hotdog roll
Stoneground bun
Whammy burger


Various Croissant Flavors
Pastry square
Puff pastry
Sausage roll
Cocktail Sausage rolls
Various Danish Flavours (Custard, Apple, Blueberry)

Freezer–to–oven Pastry

Breakfast croissant
Custard, Apple & Blueberry Danish
Custard, Apple & Chocolate Cocktail Danish